Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally...She's Here!

Monday, March 8th, Bryan and I had our final baby doctor appointment. I was officially 10 days late and so eager for some good news. I struggled through a not so fun exam which led to our doctor giving us two options....at least to start. She honestly thought my water would naturally break on its own within the next day or two and suggested I just head to the hospital once it happened, ready to go. She also gave us the option of inducing me the next day. Oh I was so confused! Dr. Gerber gave us a few minutes to discuss our options and I immediately started tearing up. Bryan was wonderful and extremely supportive of any decision I made. He wanted this pregnancy to be perfect for me. Originally Bryan and I had decided to go through this pregnancy as naturally as possible. However, being 10 days late I was starting to get just a little nervous and started paying very close attention to my baby's movements. When Dr. Gerber returned to the room I was still more confused than ever. She then asked the magic question that made up our final decision. She asked if the baby had kicked at least 10 times that day. On Sunday, baby Aubrey was going nuts in my tummy all day! I loved it!! All of Monday leading up to my appointment I could barely feel her move. Instantly Dr. Gerber did an ultrasound to check the baby and make sure everything was ok. Our final decision was made up for us and in a hurry. Baby Aubrey was not moving as much as she should have been. Dr. Gerber said it was time and I needed to check into the hospital that evening to monitor the baby. I was scheduled to be induced early Tuesday morning. I was scared and excited all at once! Things were not happening at all the way I had planned them, but then again, things were finally happening!

Bryan and I headed home for my final big meal before a day of yummy ice chips! Haha. I've kept up my healthy eating habits so I stuck with a salad with grilled chicken. I knew my tummy would be full and I'd still feel great if things started to move along quickly. We showered, double checked our packed bags, kissed our doggie Emma goodbye, and headed to the hospital.

Once checked in at the hospital and shown to our room, I was given the dreaded hospital gown with no back. I honestly thought I'd be a little comfortable for at least a little while. Not so much...and it was only the beginning! I quickly changed into the gown and hopped into the hospital bed. I then had two fetal monitors strapped around my belly, blood pressure monitor strapped tightly to my arm, heart monitor taped to my finger, iv inserted into my other arm, and blood drawn. When I thought the worst was over, our nurse said she had to give me a quick exam to see if I'd progressed any further than when Dr. Gerber had seen me earlier that day. I hadn't. I was still only 2 cm dilated and not showing any signs of anything changing any time soon. Because of this I was given cervidil to get things moving along. Our nurse said I'd feel some cramping and contractions soon. With my husband curled up in a semi reclined chair next to me attempting to sleep I watched the hours tick by on the clock, still feeling fine and a little too nervous to sleep. Finally around midnight I drifted off to a very light sleep. I was too uncomfortable hooked up to all the different machines and monitors to get comfortable. Around 1am the contractions finally hit me. The pain was instant and so much worse than I expected. I fought through it as long as I could. The last bearable contraction hit around 2 am and squeezed Bryan's arm so hard he woke up from his semi sleep and went to find Ellen, our wonderful nurse. She checked my progress only to find the cervidil had fallen out and I was only 3 cm dilated. I was so disappointed. She said she could help with the pain a little to help me sleep through the rest of the night and prepare me for my big morning right around the corner. At this point I was all for it. Unfortunately Aubrey's heart rate then became a concern to the nurses. I again fought through the pain until she was given the ok at 3:30 am, 1.5 hours later. Ugh, that was not fun! Once medicated, I was immediately able to fall asleep and finally get some rest.

At 6:30 am I woke up just slightly to find Ellen hooking my iv up to the pitocin. I was extremely groggy and quickly reminded as to why I hardly ever take medicine. I hate not feeling in control of my own body. Ellen told me her shift was ending and to try and sleep a little longer. It was going to be a big day. I was so frustrated trying to control my speech. I was thinking so clearly but couldn't seem to get my tongue to produce the thoughts in my head. I'm sure it was quite amusing to everyone in the room. I was able to close my eyes for about 20-30 minutes longer before the pitocin kicked in and Terri, our day shift nurse arrived to introduce herself and check on my progress. As it turns out, Terri works out at MegaFitness and was actually at the gym training with Tyron the day of the MegaMommies photo shoot. Bryan and I were so excited!! It was so nice to have a familiar friendly face taking care of us. She was amazing!!!! She checked my progress and said I was dilated to 6 cm. Finally! I was so happy to hear something actually happened while I was sleeping. She asked how I was feeling and if I wanted an epidural. I thought I was dying from the pain the pitocin was causing me to go through. I quickly told her yes in hopes that the anesthesiologist would stop by our room first before heading off to the 5 other surgeries he had to administer epidurals for just that morning. Things got a bit fuzzy for me over the next hour. The contractions were extremely painful. I kept an eye on the monitor and focused on my breathing. Terri kept reminding me I could do anything for 1 minute...and to just act like I was working out. It made perfect sense to me and helped tremendously. Dr. Gerber then arrived to break my water. Aubrey still didn't want to come out! Dr. Gerber was wonderful and had the nurses call again to get the anesthesiologist to stop by our room before the others. He arrived within the next 15-20 minutes and went to work. It took maybe a total of 10 minutes and two numbing pokes in my lower back before the contractions were no longer painful, just a lot of pressure. Terri then decided to check on my progress and told me I was 10 cm. I couldn't believe how quickly everything was happening! Dr. Gerber was called to update her on my status, but Terri said I was ready to start pushing. At this point it was 10 am. The morning was flying by! And then the excitement began!

About 20 minutes into my pushing the hospital power went out! Terri, Bryan, and I kept watching the monitor to determine when it was time for me to push. I could feel the pressure when it was time, but it was nice seeing how long the contractions on the monitor were lasting. For some odd reason the generator did not kick in. I asked if I could continue pushing because I could feel the pressure of the contraction and knew when they were hitting. I kept on working until the power finally kicked back on. For some reason the computer and monitor in my room following every detail of what was going on with my body would not turn back on. This turned into a very humbling experience for me. Tons of different people were coming in and out of our room trying to fix the situation as I was pushing. I tried not to think about it and honestly still do a little, haha. I vaguely remember Bryan sprawled out on the hospital floor trying to turn the computer off and then back on and things finally working correctly again. He was Mr. Fix It! I was in another world though and still so focused on seeing my baby girl. At this point Dr. Gerber had arrived and was ready to deliver Aubrey into my arms. She was born 10 minutes later at 10:49 am. Aubrey Elizabeth Pallone 7.05 ounces 20.5 inches born March 9, 2010. Every emotion imaginable ran through my body in that very moment. Bryan and I had created this beautiful little crying girl sprawled out on my tummy. She was gorgeous. I instantly saw she had Bryan's eye shape and lips. Her eyes were a deep stormy blue just like her momma's. She was absolutely precious.

Dr. Gerber said I did amazing and everything went just perfectly. She apparently was planning on a quick delivery the entire time because of the shape I had managed to keep myself in throughout the pregnancy. She smiled and congratulated us then told me to rest up a little while Bryan and the baby went to the nursery.

During all the craziness of the night and morning Bryan never left my side. He was the perfect husband. He never complained once even though I know he was so uncomfortable and completely exhausted. I remember asking him if he was ok constantly. I was so concerned about him being ok. Being so heavily affected by the pain medicine was so frustrating to me. I wanted to remember every specific detail, take in every special moment, and admire how well my husband was handling the entire process. For all of you that know Bryan personally, you know just how much he constantly talks about how much of a weak stomach he has. This day is obviously a day that will contradict that statement. He handled so many things I never imagined he'd make it through. He even assisted Terri in some pretty graphic and humbling moments. I couldn't imagine him doing anything more perfectly. He is my perfect husband and I love him with everything that I am.

I must apologize for not updating the blog as much as I should be. It's been a long week getting used to being a mommy and adjusting into a new lifestyle. I promise to update again very soon and post a bunch of pictures from our special day and our new little addition to the family.

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