Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost Gym Time....

Tuesday morning Bryan, Aubrey, and I headed to my six week check up with Dr. Gerber and were actually on time! Bryan and I are still getting used to getting the family ready rather than just the couple but we are quickly learning the ropes. We absolutely love having Aubrey with us as much as possible.

The semi violating once over of an appointment went as well as to be expected. Ugh, I am so over being poked and prodded for quite a while. Dr. Gerber is amazing though! She is quick and to the point and makes you feel as comfortable as humanly possible. She quickly gave me the news that I've been anticipating hearing since the day Aubrey arrived. I now have the green light to head back to the gym to work on getting back into shape. I truly cannot wait!

The moment we were all buckled in inside the car I texted Tyron letting him know I was ready to start training. Part of me wanted to start working out right away, but I knew waiting a few more days was probably smart. We are starting back next week! Along the way I'll be posting info about my journey back and as promised, no secrets! Photos, measurements, diets, workouts, and just miscellaneous stuff will all be posted.

Below are some pictures of us heading out the door to the appointment on Tuesday. (Emma is always close and wishes she could tag along.) We had to feed Aubrey as we finished getting ready. Everything worked out perfectly though. She was a sweetie at the doctor and of course, everyone oohed and ahhed over her. The entire office just loved her! Enjoy the photos...

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  1. That is a great looking family ~ Casandra other than for energy i could not imagine you needing a gym you look so happy and fit ~ good for you only took me 32 years to get motivated loose my baby weight lol ~ very inspiring