Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Workout Routine Re-orientation...

Ugh, my legs hurt already!!! Thanks to Tyron, I am truly in for it but am oh so very ready for the challenge. It has been seven weeks since Bryan and I welcomed baby Aubrey into our lives so I have had just enough time to rest and recover and am now ready to get back into bikini shape. Tyron and I decided to start out slow by working out only twice this week. Today was my first day!

I met Tyron at MegaFitness this morning at nine ready to go. He had planned on putting me through a 30 minute high intesity workout by completing several different exercises five times with only a minute rest in between. Well I didn't make it through five times...I only made it through three times in almost an hour. I was exhausted!! Tyron jokingly called this workout my re-orientation to training, haha. Even though I hated the feeling of being weak, it felt great to be back in the gym.

Thursday is my next training session with Tyron. In addition to training, we are taking photographs of my post pregnancy shape and also documenting my measurements and weight. I'll be posting them hopefully within a few days if Aubrey allows. :-) She is quite an attention grabber but that's perfectly okay with me!

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