Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Weekend Away...

Bryan and I have had quite a crazy month. A few weeks ago he was contacted to play quarterback in a couple games of pro football again. Apparently the teams quarterback had somehow gotten injured and could not play in the final games. With these games he even had a shot at winning the ever coveted championship ring he's always dreamed of winning. The first game was held in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the second in College Park, Maryland. Bryan and I discussed the possibility of him playing and decided he should go for it. Now for some reason, there was a tremendous amount of chaos involved with planning out the first trip. We both got so incredibly frustrated with the issues that continued to confront us along the way. It finally got down to the day of the game and getting Bryan to Green Bay just wasm't working out. He was incredibly bummed, but I reminded him everything happens for a reason. The team unfortunately lost the game that night but still had a shot at the championship. Now for some silly reason, travel plans for the second game once again came down to the wire. One minute Bryan was going and the next he was possibly staying home. The whole thing put my stomach in knots. I just wanted a finalized game plan. Finally, a decision was made and Bryan was headed north. He was honestly so excited! I was so incredibly proud of him too.
That evening Bryan called me before the game and sent his love to his girls. I wished him good luck and begged him not to get hurt. My parents and I purchased the game on the internet and sat down to watch Bryan do his thing. Right away I knew my wishes of Bryan not getting hurt were pretty much thrown out the window. He was getting attacked from every angle! The kicker came when he hit his hand on an opponent's helmet and couldn't throw anymore. Bryan was done....which meant he was really hurting. The game quickly ended and unfortunately the team he was playing for lost. No championship games this year...

After the end of the game Bryan called sounding exhausted and in pain. He said the paramedics were working on wrapping his hand and his arm. They told Bryan he probably had a broken finger and two severe sprains in his wrist. I couldn't believe it. Bryan was hurting and just wanted to be home. He sent me a photo of his bandaged wrist and hand as soon as he got in the car. He was just dying to be home. The guys he went with wanted to be home too so they drove through the night to get back to the beach. Bryan arrived home early early Father's Day morning, completely exhausted. He crawled in bed to rest for a few hours before trying to enjoy his very first Father's Day.

Even though Bryan was really hurting, he just couldn't keep his hands off his baby girl. He missed her so much. On Bryan's very first Father's Day he couldn't quite hold his daughter, but he could wear her!

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