Thursday, June 3, 2010

10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes...

Bryan has officially been named the nail cutting guru of the family. Shockingly though considering the way his hands look. Sorry honey. :-) Aubrey's nails grow so quickly! Normally while I'm feeding her he'll trim them while she's semi calm. I've noticed for a few days now that her nails are way too long. This morning when I saw the small scratch marks on my chest and the scratch marks all over Aubrey's face and head, I knew it was time. By this time Bryan was already at work so I knew I had to make the attempt on my own. I carried her downstairs and placed her on her activity mat. That way she had something to distract her, even if just a tiny bit. I started with her hands because they were causing the most damage. Once I clipped her pinky nail her hands started going crazy! I couldn't even hold onto her little hand. Aubrey has the strongest grip too so even if I was able to grab her hand she'd grab on tight for dear life, curling her little fingers into my skin. I wanted to give up and wait until Bryan came home, but I couldn't bear to see her scratch her face anymore. I held her hand firmly with one hand and with the other shook the activity center and then trimmed a finger nail. Well, that only worked once. I started whistling like a crazy person and Aubrey got very still. She looked at me with the most confused little look on her face. I giggled and smiled at her, but went quickly back to work. Aubrey was quickly becoming accustomed to my silly whistling so I started making crazy noises. Oh I wanted to be done so bad! I finally made it through all her little fingers and then remember those little toes digging into my tummy. While I had her on the mat, semi content, I knew I had to make an attempt. All the little stinker wanted to do was kick me and laugh. I have to admit it was pretty amusing. I did somehow manage to make it through all ten of her little toes...even the pinkies! Aubrey did such a great job! I am so proud of her putting up with me. Now we will all be scratch free for about a week!!

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