Sunday, July 25, 2010

Apple Family Visit...

Aunt Sara and Uncle Brett came to visit!!! Aubrey loved it! They drove down from Raleigh on Thursday and spent the day catching up with our little Pallone family. The last time they had a chance to see Aubrey was when she was 2 weeks old. Aubrey is now 20 weeks and just a bundle of fun to be around.

Sara and Brett arrived around noon and instantly got their hands on our little girl. Oh Aubrey just soaked up the attention! Sara sat on the floor and played with Aubrey for the longest time. She was absolutely wonderful with her. Unfortunately each time Brett held Aubrey he was unfortuantely showered with spit up, but took it like a pro!

I played the schedule driven mommy roll pretty hard even while they were here. So much of me hates being such a stickler for a schedule and missing out on so much. When it was time for Aubrey to eat and take a nap Sara, Brett, and Bryan headed to the outlets to do some shopping. Sigh....I miss shopping....Haha, but I love my little girl! She comes first no matter what.

When Bryan got home from the outlets Aubrey was just waking up. Sara and Brett headed back to the hotel to rest up before returning for dinner. We decided it was the perfect time for the three of us to run to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients for dinner. At the store, Bryan wears Aubrey in the Baby Bjorn and I push the cart. Aubrey has gotten to the point where she likes to be involved in everything so anything Bryan touched, Aubrey would reach for. It is so adorbale! She is such a good little helper!!

Unfortunately feeding and nap time for Aubrey did not work out in Bryan's favor. The moment we got home from the store if was time to eat and sleep again. Bryan and I quietly discussed what needed to be done to prepare for dinner and he got to work. Bryan did and AMAZING job. He handled the entire meal BY HIMSELF and it all turned out perfectly! I was very impressed with my wonderful husband and I think Sara and Brett were too!

After dinner we took Aubrey and the doggies on a walk. Sara brought Tink so Emma had some company! The walk was soooo hot! We got home and I immediately gave Aubrey a bath to make her more comfortable. The rest of the gang hung out downstairs eating ice cream and watching a movie. A great way to end a fun day....

Aubrey had such a wonderful visit from her Aunt and Uncle. We got a few of the most adorable pictures from their visit and honestly can't wait to get more. Hopefully we can all get together again soon!!

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