Friday, July 2, 2010

Aubrey's Midnight Rendezvous

Oh sweet Aubrey....don't you know night time is for sleeping silly girl?? Ever since Bryan went out of town to play football, our routine of putting Aubrey to bed has been thrown off just a bit. Originally Bryan would feed her an entire eight ounce bottle just before bedtime and she would sleep through the night. We felt like such accomplished parents!! On occasion she may wake up around five or six in the early morning and we'd repeat the routine, only with a smaller bottle. She'd be out cold for several more hours. We were actually getting sleep!

When Bryan left for Maryland to play football I was a little scared of what it would be like putting Aubrey down at night. She doesn't very much like taking a bottle from me when she knows her mommy is not only right there, but is also her favorite feeding machine!! So the way I accomplished those nights without Bryan was by laying right next to Aubrey, feeding her until she was fast asleep. I'd then gently pick her up and snuggle her up in her crib. It worked and she slept through the night!

Throughout these last couple weeks Aubrey's been adamant about not taking the bottle from Bryan at night. It sadly only took a couple nights to break our perfect routine. The first few nights with Bryan home I'd feed her in bed as she drifted off to sleep. Each time it took longer and longer for her to truly fall asleep, but at least she was sleeping through the night. This week has been another story!

Aubrey seems to have an internal clock inside that tummy telling her exactly when eight o'clock rolls around. She is ready to crawl into mommy and daddy's bed and slooooooooowly chow down. Just two nights ago took almost two hours to get her to fall asleep. I knew we had to fix something. Last night we were able to get Aubrey to bed by 9:30. We thought just maybe we were in for a good night! Bryan and I dilly dallied around the room, catching up on mundane tasks for about an hour until we finally went to bed. I was just praying she slept through the night!

So 2:30 rolls around and SURPRISE!!! Aubrey wants to eat! That means in the last week she has woken up and hour earlier with each passing day. Now I know by her sleeping five hours straight it's considered "sleeping through the night". I guess Aubrey just spoiled us before. We wanted the really sleeping through the night nights back!

Tonight I snuggled up with Aubrey on the twin bed in her room just hoping for the best. She ate for about 25 minutes and then decided she wanted mommy to wear it. Then she started talking up a storm. I knew I was in trouble. I picked her up and placed her in her crib so she could play with her friends (watch her mobile) and hopefully drift off to la la land happily. While she played I came back into our room and started making another bottle. Multi tasking is a must with this girl! :-) Halfway into making the bottle Aubrey's little "I'm hungry" cries started. Bryan and I looked at her monitor and both her fists were shoved in her mouth as she rolled from side to side. She was hungry and wanted her mommy! We decided Bryan would make a valiant attempt at feeding her a bottle to get her down. That's where he is now and has been for almost 30 minutes...He thinks I'm curled up in bed sleeping so he very lovingly turned the monitor off when Aubrey let out her first little cry. He is so sweet.

Bryan just walked back into the room and immediately crawled into bed. We are both so tired. I just can't sleep when I know he's trying to put her down. He said she ate the entire bottle and went down perfectly. Yay!! Hopefully our sweet girl will sleep for another five hours! Nighty Night!!

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