Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scary Morning...

Friday afternoon Bryan came home from work around three to spend a little time with his girls before heading back to work to close the gym. Before Aubrey was born, Bryan and I would spend several hours in the kitchen together making amazing dinners. One of our easy favorites was a Tex Mex Casserole. Bryan has been begging me to make this for the longest time. With Bryan home to help with Aubrey I got to work. He played with Aubrey, carried her in the Baby Bjorn, fed her, and put her down for a nap. It was wonderful to have the help!!!! Aubrey slept for almost an hour, which gave us a little time to get things cleaned up and talk about the evening. Of course, as soon as she woke up, our dinner was ready. It was still early! Bryan and I have been eating later and later or whenever we can because Aubrey always comes first. So having dinner early this evening was a first in a while. My body wasn't used to it.

Our evening was filled with the usual...walk, bath, mini baby massage, nursing, and bed. Once we finally got Aubrey to bed around 9:15, I realized how hungry I was. For some reason all I wanted to eat was a bowl of cereal with some fruit. We didn't have any cereal and I was trying to be good about not eating before bed so I just drank a huge glass of water. Still hungry, I was asleep by 10.

Aubrey woke up around three to spend some quality time with mommio and daddio. We changed her diaper and I nursed her back to sleep as I quietly talked with Bryan. I was feeling a little funny but brushed it off as being tired. For the millionth time told Bryan I was hungry and wished we had some healthy cereal. He reminded me that he had Cocoa Krispies in the cabinet, but I can't stand sugary cereals...especially chocolate! Yuck!! I again had some water and went to bed.

Bryan woke up early this morning to head to the gym for his workout before opening at eight. I begged him not to go...but it didn't work. Haha, he wants abs just about as much as I do! I sleepily said goodbye and went back to bed. Just before seven I suddenly woke up with my heart racing uncontrollably and my body sweating profusely. The room was spinning and my whole body was shaking. I felt sick to my stomach, but strangely not hungry anymore. I knew I had a problem. I prayed Aubrey would sleep for a while so I could get some food back in my system. I barely made it out of the bed, let alone down the stairs without falling over. I saw black spots in my vision and felt delirious. In the kitchen, I grabbed a handful of organic peanut butter pretzel bites and poured a huge glass of grapefruit juice. Today I didn't water down the juice! I sat down at the table and literally ate and drank as quickly as I could. Still not feeling better I made a piece of toast with melted organic mozzarella cheese and poured myself more juice. All I wanted to do was crawl back in bed. I made it back up the stairs, cheese toast and juice in hand, and sat on the edge of the bed eating and drinking yet again. I called Bryan to let him know what was going on. He said he'd be home in a heartbeat if I needed him, but I told him to stay. July 4th weekend is such a huge weekend for the gym.

Since starting this post, Aubrey woke up and was ready to eat. I halfway stumbled into her nursery just hoping she was still sleepy. She was. :-) My sweet girl smiled the biggest smile when I said, "Good Morning Love Bug"!!! I crawled into bed with her and nursed her back to sleep. We both had a nice 30 minute nap before heading downstairs to play. I set her up in her jumper and made some real breakfast. I'm feeling a little bit better now, just extremely weak. Tonight I'm definitely not go to bed starving!

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