Thursday, May 13, 2010


Bryan and I both have our responsibilities that we perform each time Aubrey first wakes up. First, Bryan attends to Aubrey by changing her diaper and showering her with kisses. I then take over and nurse her while he goes back to bed for a little extra rest. Of course certain situations cause us to sometimes stray from our typical routine. Tuesday morning was one of those mornings. Bryan walked into the room with a sleepy yet happy girl. We had been up with her just two hours earlier so we were going to wait to change her diaper until after I fed her. When Bryan started to hand her to me I quickly threw my hands up and caught my breath. Oh Bryan was in for quite a fun surprise!

Before Aubrey arrived, Bryan and I had decided on using cloth diapers. It has been quite the learning experience, but we are very happy with our decision. Right now we are using organic cotton inserts during the day and microfiber inserts at night. The microfiber keeps Aubrey dry much longer than the cotton, but if worn too consistantly it irritates her skin. On this particular Tuesday morning, we'd already been up with Aubrey around 5. It was already so close to the time we would normally get up that we decided to start using the organic cotton inserts for the day. Aubrey was still a little sleepy and went back down for a couple hours.

So back to the part where Bryan was about to hand Aubrey off to me...I was about to take her from his arms when I saw that her yellow diaper cover wasn't quite so yellow anymore. I laughed and suggested that he turn and look in the mirror. We both started dying laughing. Poor Aubrey probably had no idea why we were laughing. Our sweet little angel was probably so uncomfortable. Bryan quickly changed her diaper and then finally handed her off to me. At least we started our morning off with a little chuckle thanks entirely to our sweet little girl. Enjoy the photos!!

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