Thursday, May 20, 2010

Napless Wednesday...

Oh what a day yesterday! Bryan and I were up from 4-6am with our precious girl. Thank goodness once we finally got her down Bryan convinced me to try and get at least 30 more minutes of sleep. We both slept a little more than an hour when Aubrey cried out that she was hungry again. Bryan was leaving for a quick overnight trip to Greensboro in about an hour. We wanted to have breakfast together so while I fed Aubrey he showered and packed. Bryan played with Aubrey while I made the two of us eggs and oatmeal, our typical morning breakfast. I'm still in shock Bryan is putting up with it, but it's obviously paying off for him. He's sees a little more definition in his body everyday and is loving it. Now if I could just get the hard boiled eggs and veggie snacks in him 2-3 times a day...

Aubrey has been eating every two hours lately and sleeping 30-40 minutes in between...sometimes a little longer if I'm lucky. Well on this particular day I had a completely napless baby!!!!!! All day! Everytime she would get sleepy enough to take a nap it would be time to eat, burp, and change her diaper...we had that cycle on repeat all day! Finally around 5pm, when I had completed absolutely nothing all day and Aubrey was still awake in my arms, mom came to the rescue. She was determined to get our exhausted little girl some much needed rest. It took a little time and a lot of loving to finally convince her to sleep. Once she was down she was out cold. I filled two hours with a much needed shower, dinner, and tons of laundry. I had so many things that needed to be done that I couldn't relax. Aubrey woke up just as I crawled into bed. I think the little stinker knows when we're attempting to eat or sleep. She always wants to be a part of everything. Deep down Bryan and I love it though. I was pretty optomistic with Aubrey's timing on wanting to be fed. It was 10pm so I figured once I got her down she'd be out until maybe 5am. CSI NY kept Aubrey and I company while she ate. She's been eating for 40-50 minutes lately. Once she finished I burped her and changed her diaper. I sat her in her vibrating bouncy seat so she could watch me fold laundry. We giggled and chatted until she started to whimper and rub her eyes. I carried her in my arms into the nursery and rocked her to sleep. She was such a sweetie about going to bed. I again thought she's be out cold for most of the night!

At 3:15 my body woke up telling me it was time to feed Aubrey...yet she wasn't awake. I made a bottle and crawled back in bed. Not 5 mins later, haha, Aubrey cries out for food. She ate 8.5 ounces! She was obviously very hungry. I crawled back in bed a little after 5am and sent Bryan a text. All I said was, "Oh you so owe me!" No response so the stinker was obviously out cold. Lucky!

Aubrey slept almost two more hours before crying out. I stared at her on the video monitor hoping she'd go back to sleep. She did! :-) I curled back up for a second and then realized it was time to make another bottle. Ugh...I was so incredibly tired at this moment. I made Aubrey's bottle and then decided to eat breakfast since she wasn't quite awake. Again I filled my tummy with eggs and oatmeal while folding more laundry from the night before. Aubrey woke up just before 8am with only one thing on her! She again ate 8.5 ounces and hardly spit up a thing. Our little girl is growing up! She went down for her nap around 9:15 and is just now starting to stir. It's time to eat again!

My day yesterday is basically why I have not yet posted my workout with Tyron and Bryan from Tuesday with all the photos. Bryan comes home today and I train again with Tyron today so I'm hoping to get them up sometime this evening. Attached below are some photos of how I found Aubrey when she was waking up from her first nap of the day yesterday. I saw the whole thing happen on the video monitor and couldn't help but take a few photos before addressing Aubrey's little situation. Each of her little stretches kept making it worse. Look closely and you'll see her little fingers and the top of her head. Enjoy!!

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