Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Countdown Begins...

Bryan and I are now in our ninth month. We had a doctor appointment yesterday to check the position of the baby and the progress of the pregnancy. Our appointment was unfortunately in the afternoon which we hate because it always takes soooo much longer to be taken back to a room and then to finally be seen by the doctor. When our doctor finally came into our room she came in laughing and declared that her nurses LOVED the fact that I weighed 153 lbs! They were so excited that I'd finally broken the 150 lb mark. Oh but I wasn't! That meant I'd officially gained 30 lbs. When everyone tells you that you'll gain more weight at the end of the pregnancy, they're right! Just five weeks ago I had only gained 19 lbs. Overall I am very happy with the amount of weight I've gained and the places I've gained it in. Bryan has been wonderful and makes me feel even more beautiful each and everyday.

Dr. Gerber checked the position of the baby and said everything looked perfect! She said I was ready and it could be anyday. She strongly suggested I start sitting on a trash bag anytime I'm in a car just in case my water broke. Bryan and I laughed so hard when she said that. It also made us quickly realize just how close we are to Aubrey's arrival. We are so excited!

Over the next few weeks I'll be updating everyone on the status of Baby Aubrey and her hopefully earlier than later arrival. She starts the kick off to this whole journey. I'll post my before pictures, pregnancy photos, pre baby weight, pregnancy weight gain, the most recent pre baby measurements I can find, and my current and laughable measurements now. I promise to list everything I can think of!

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