Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mega Mommies Shoot

Mega Mommies is slowly coming together! We had our little fun photo shoot at the gym yesterday. Dad and I worked on pulling together some of the best shots, then Bryan, Dad, and I started getting creative. We are creating a rather large poster to hang on the wall at the gym as well as some smaller fliers and post cards to have laying around just in case someone wants to take one with them. is not really the easiest link to remember unfortunately. Hopefully having something that gym members can take home with them will help.

Below I have attached some of the shoot highlights. We had such a blast taking the photos, especially the silly ones. Training with Tyron is honestly much the same way. There is always someone smiling and laughing about something. It is such a great distraction to the typical painful workouts you would expect. Nothing painful ever takes place with Tyron! Just fun, challenging workouts that change on a constant basis to keep you and your muscles guessing. Hope you enjoy the photos!!

Typical smiling Tyron and his muscles!

First attempt at a push up in 10 months!

Arms shaking just a tad but still focused.

Totally possible, yet not highly recommended. I was able to complete two push up/belly touches!
My sorry attempt at remembering how to box. Poor Tyron...

Bryan trying to punch Aubrey out of my tummy. He's more than ready to hold her.
Pretending to get even. I could never really hit anyone...
MY FAVORITE! I just can't wait to get back!!

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