Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Waiting Game...

Today was the day of our supposed last doctors appointment to check on my progress with Aubrey. We were once again bummed with the news. I am 3 days away from my due date but am not showing any signs of being ready to deliver any time soon. I think my body may have gone into shock from the way I've been treating it this past week. The excessive amounts of junk food have been horrible for me. I've decided to clean it back up immediately. I am going to have one more "yummy" meal before I officially start my extrememly clean diet again, but that's going to be my push present meal to myself from Landolfi's restaurant in Pawleys Island the day Aubrey is born. I have been looking forward to that treat for a while. Until then, I am back to the organic fruits and veggies and lots of organic protein. And of course, tons of water! I promise to keep everyone posted as anything changes. Hopefully my next post will be much more exciting than today's post!

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