Monday, February 22, 2010

My Final "BAD GIRL" Week...

Oh I have been so bad!!!! Just a few days ago I realized that this is my last week before I start an extremely clean diet again. I quickly thought of so many goodies I wanted to enjoy before I couldn't have them anymore. It started out slowly with a little bite of tiramisu or a sip of chocolate milk, all while continuing to eat a very healthy diet considering the average person's typical diet. I was only feeling slightly guilty. I made sure to keep up with my daily exercise to help with the guilt trip a little.

This past weekend Bryan and I had been discussing making a goodie bag for the nurses at the hospital as a little "thank you" for taking such good care of us while delivering Aubrey. We quickly decided to head to the store and load up! We walked very slowly through aisles, I must say, I have not been down in years. We bought goldfish, sun chips, scoobie fruit snacks, rolos, skittles, cheerios, crackers, wheat thins, gatorade, grape juice, chocolate pudding, oatmeal cream pies, snickers ice cream bars, a pepsi....oh the list goes on and I wanted more! We were terrible. I kept seeing things I said we could give to the nurses, but deep down all I could think about was taking just one bite and savoring the flavor that I would soon not be able to touch for quite some time. Bryan and I decided we had enough and made our hefty purchase.

As we headed to the car I was already opening the snickers ice cream box. I told Bryan I was just checking to make sure they weren't melting. Hehe. Bryan totally didn't fall for that one! We drove home sharing the snickers ice cream bar that was SO incredibly yummy!! As I unpacked the goodies I saw the sun chips Bryan had picked up and decided I need to try at least one. One led to two, two led to three, three led to four....I ended up pouring us a small bowl. They were fantastic! After that, I was done! We snuggled up with full tummies to a movie and enjoyed the rest of our low key night.

On Sunday I decided to create a goodie bag for the nurses. BAD IDEA!!! I should have left everything in boxes until I knew we were heading to the hospital. Bryan and I sadly taste tested way too many oatmeal cream pies and scoobie snacks. And those sun chips that Bryan decided to introduce me too, pretty much were nibbled on all day. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day because Bryan and I obviously needed some exercise. We headed to the beach with Emma and let her run her little heart out until she was too tuckered out to move. I did my very best to keep moving too and work off some of my terrible eating.

Due to my excessive eating patterns over the weekend, I was slightly nervous about stepping on the scale. Thank goodness for all my walking!!!!! I was very happy to see I was still 152 lbs. Today I have resorted back to my typical much healthier diet with a few sun chips added in here and there. They are just so good!

Bryan and I have our supposed final doctors appointment tomorrow morning. We are excited to see if Aubrey has decided to make her debut this week. Our official due date is Friday, 2/26. We are so ready to meet our baby girl!!! I promise to post the latest news from our appointment after seeing Dr. Gerber tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

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