Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mega Mommies Begins...

Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for taking the time to view my page. With our little girl only weeks away from arrival, I've quickly started to realize my casual thirty minute walks on the treadmill are coming to an end. Bryan and I discussed creating this blog for everyone to follow along in my progress of getting the baby weight off and back into shape. The blog will include continuously updated pictures, measurements, weight changes, diets, specific workouts, and other misc info along the way. I promise not to keep any secrets! I will be completely honest about everything I'm going through and feeling. Of course, doctors orders will determine just how quickly I am able to return to the gym, but then I'm back for good! No excuses! My plan is to start back slowly training one on one with Tyron Johnson, owner and creator of Knockout Workouts. Before Bryan and I discovered we were expecting a child, I had already been training with Tyron three times a week for almost two years. I was in the best shape of my life, felt the best I'd ever felt, and loved my quick and complex workouts. Training with him again was an easy decision for me. Tyron is currently sharing his techniques with MegaFitness in the Knockout Bootcamp classes held Mon/Wed/Fri three times a day. Bryan attends the 5:30am classes and absolutely loves them! The variety keeps him interested and his body is changing drastically. Due to the intensity of the classes, it may take a little time to get my endurance back up to par, but most likely I'll eventually be taking the bootcamp classes as well.

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